The trustees of the Picket Twenty Community Association believe we live in a fantastic community and are really proud to be active members. The estate is largely fantastic, but like most places it is let down in a few areas, the biggest being parking!! Your community centre is a prime example of where improvements are needed. You see unlike many of the community centres in the area, we do not have parking directly connected to the building. Our parking area is shared among the other establishments near the centre and is located some way from the building. We would like to change this….

Opposite our building is an area of land originally being marketed as a public house. Unfortunately it looks like no brewery’s are interested in purchasing this plot so in conjunction with the 106 agreement with the council Persimmons will have the right to turn this into yet more housing. We feel that more housing is the last thing we need now and would like to see this area turned into additional parking for use by the community and a multi use area where we can hold events.

If you agree with us then please sign our petition to show your support. We will then approach Persimmons in the hopes that they will support us and re-purpose the land .

Thank you

Centre Parking Petition

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