“And They’re Off!” – Horse Racing at Picket Twenty


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What a great night! One of our first events after Covid restrictions were lifted enough to allow our new bar to open properly. This was the first time we have had this style of horse racing event. Previously we have done the style with the race on the big screen but this was in a different class. It was great because it involved the kids moving the horses across the board so they got to take part in the fun.

There were 6 races altogether. We could place a small wager on our chosen horse for each race. Once all the bets were in the first race commenced. Our commentator, Dave, was a good laugh and made the races very enjoyable.

The dice were thrown and they were off!! The children moved the wooden horses and tentions were high as we cheered them on.

Before we knew the race was over and the results were in. I was pleased to see my horse won. We went up and collected our winnings.

Play continued like this for the other races but my luck didn’t hold out. We got to the last race and, well, I think my chosen horse was running backwards!!

I was pleased to see such a lovely crowd and we are looking forward to running another horse racing event in November. Hope to see you there

Mike (Chairman)

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